Sigma Designs®, a provider of Smart TV platforms and IoT devices, demonstrated SmartStart and discussed Security 2 (S2), with security dealers and integrators at ISC West 2017.

IoT industry Security

S2 is an important addition to the Z-Wave certification program that requires manufactures to adopt the strongest levels of IoT security in the industry. Starting April 2, 2017, the implementation of the new Security 2 (S2) framework is mandatory for all products that are Z-Wave certified. The secure measures within S2 provide the most advanced security for smart home devices, controllers, gateways, and hubs in the market today.

Z-Wave’s S2 framework was developed in conjunction with cybersecurity hacking experts, giving Z-Wave devices new levels of impenetrability. By securing communication both locally for home-based devices and in the hub or gateway for cloud functions, S2 completely removes the risk of devices being hacked while they are included in the network.

Z-Wave SmartStart

SmartStart is an enhancement to the Z-Wave specification that vastly improves service provider installation of Z-Wave devices in the smart home. Z-Wave SmartStart enables the pre-configuration of devices to the network by security dealers prior to installation which dramatically reduces time spent on-site, thereby reducing costs and maximizing ROI for dealers and integrators.

SmartStart enables service providers to pre-pair Z-Wave smart home devices as well as pre-configure scenes, rules, and scripts prior to arrival leaving the mounting of the devices and power connection as the only steps to connect the devices to the network.