Open Options, a provider of open platform access control solutions, is proud to be participating in the 12th annual Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) 2017 event, where Milestone will focus on how the Open Platform Community can make the world see the future, and will address industry trends, challenges, and direction.

XProtect Video Management Software

Open Options is a long-standing Milestone Systems integration and distribution partner, and has attended the MIPS event each year for the past decade. During this time, Open Options has presented various Milestone integrations and joint customer solutions, including Merlin Entertainment’s Orlando Eye entertainment complex in Florida.

Consistently working to improve and build on their partnership with Milestone, Open Options continues to develop their deep integration with the company’s XProtect video management software. At this year’s MIPS, attendees can expect to view and demo the latest features in the Access Control Module, where XProtect users can access DNA Fusion from within the XProtect Smart Client.

Open Platform Community

“We greatly value our partnership with Milestone and appreciate the value their products bring to Open Options,” said Jonathan Berman, President and General Manager of Open Options. “We find MIPS to be an excellent time to connect with industry leaders and showcase our latest products and features to the open platform community.”

MIPS will be held February 13 – 16 in San Antonio, Texas.