Digital Barriers plc the specialist provider of visually intelligent solutions to the global surveillance, security and safety markets, confirms today that its ThruVis public safety solution has been used successfully in the US by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to help protect high profile events. These operational deployments follow the award of a $1.65m contract with the TSA in September 2016 to begin the implementation of ThruVis to help protect mass transit systems and other public spaces across the US against 'soft target' terrorist attacks.

ThruVis is a unique camera technology that can detect objects such as weapons and explosives concealed under clothing. The technology is mobile, rapidly deployed, and operates without compromising passenger throughput, safety or privacy.

High Performance In Extreme Operational Environments

ThruVis was used operationally in the US during the Christmas 2016 travel surge period and as part of security measures at specific locations during National Security Special Events (NSSE's) in early 2017. In these extreme operational environments, ThruVis performed to expectations and its use was operationally successful. End-user feedback from this period and input from TSA's own extensive testing is being used to enhance ThruVis's operational capabilities. Digital Barriers is ready to support ongoing US Government operational deployments of ThruVis to enhance overall security effectiveness.

Zak Doffman, CEO of Digital Barriers, said, "The fact that ThruVis has now been deployed successfully in the US to help protect high profile events, as part of the preparation for wider deployments, is a real game changer for this unique solution. In total, more than $100m of public and private money has now been invested in developing ThruVis. For the first time, it's possible to successfully detect body-worn concealed weapons and explosives being carried into public spaces, hardening soft targets against terrorist attacks."