In the United States alone, Delta Scientific secures over 110 Federal buildings, including the Pentagon
Security professionals and integrators came to view anti-terrorism barriers and other equipment at Delta demonstrations

Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used in the United States and internationally, today announced that, between its May 5 DC area (Fredericksburg, Virginia) and May 18 Forth Worth, Texas events, over 100 security professionals, integrators and contractors came together to view anti-terrorism barriers, bollards, crash-rated gates and other equipment, including new products.

They also witnessed live reliability testing and undertook maintenance training. For the third year in a row, attendees were especially excited over the networking opportunities.

Expanding Delta Equipment Demonstrations

"Last year, attendees at our Palmdale, California event asked us to broaden our equipment demonstration to more cities so, besides returning to DC as we did two years ago, we also added Fort Worth to our 2016 schedule," says Keith Bobrosky, Delta Scientific Sales Manager. "We want our customers and prospects to let us know where else they would like us to visit for 2017."

HD300 Barrier

Among the product highlights was the HD300 barrier which is available with either a fully electric or hydraulic control unit. It will stop a 15,000 pound (66.7 Km) vehicle traveling 50 mph (80 kph) and recently met the criteria of the United States Department of State for continuous operations of 1 million cycles. Upon impact, the barrier remains in its foundation and the opening stays blocked, providing a multiple hit capability.

HD2055 Electric Finger Wedge Barrier

Attendees were also interested in the recently introduced HD2055 electric finger wedge barrier which includes high strength coating by Line-X and touch-screen controls. It decisively stopped a 15,000 pound (6,803 kg) test vehicle traveling at 51 mph (82 kph) in a recent crash test conducted by an independent testing laboratory. Not only did the HD2055 barricades stop the vehicle but they contained the test load representing the bombs strapped to the truck bed. The crash test result showed a less than zero penetration.

High Profile Clients

In the United States alone, Delta Scientific secures over 110 Federal buildings, including the Pentagon, U.S. Supreme Court, Federal courthouses and FBI locations. Delta also provides vehicle access control for over 200 U.S. embassies and consulates in 130-plus countries, including State Department headquarters, as well as those of the United Kingdom and other nations. In addition, Delta Scientific vehicle access control equipment protects high profile corporate headquarters, logistic sites that store and ship vital materials, transportation hubs and even the private residences of powerful, influential people.