Brivo Labs recently announced the official release of the SAM API at the South by Southwest conference held in Austin, TX. SAM gives developers the tools needed to create applications that enhance everyday experiences for people by changing the way they interact with physical spaces including offices, restaurants, arenas and other large venues.

With a vision of becoming the single sign-on for the physical world, Brivo Labs designed its SAM API to authenticate visitors and associate many kinds of secure credentials to access actual devices and spaces. Social authentication and provisioning of access is implemented by connecting with leading social network platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. SAM also provides developers with the resources to perform data analysis, manage devices, authorize schedules, stream stored video and perform real time device control with remote automation.

“We are very excited to bring SAM to market and see what software developers will create in the Internet of Things space by incorporating services like identity, credentialing, and presence. For instance, we created an application using our API called Rändivoo Mobile,” said Lee Odess, General Manager of Brivo Labs and Vice President of Marketing at Brivo Systems. “SAM is the solution for Social Access Management and will be a game changer in how people interact with spaces and devices.”

Brivo Labs is a partner of the Circus Mashimus lounge hosted by Mashery, an Intel Company, for SXSW Interactive. To highlight the capabilities of SAM, Brivo Labs with demo OKDoor, a Google Glass application released this January that allows users to remotely open doors and Rändivoo, the all-in-one visitor management and experience system. Brivo Labs also created a custom Scan2Win app to showcase SAM’s machine-to-machine connectivity to developers using lights and a bell to indicate if they are a winner of a wearable.

“Brivo Labs’ API is helping make the Internet of Things an accessible market for developers,” said Delyn Simons, Head of Developer Platform at Mashery, an Intel Company. “With APIs like Brivo’s, developers visiting Circus Mashimus at SXSW can learn how to tap into IoT to create applications and services that extend how consumers interact with everything around them, including wearables and devices.”