Babel Street®, an advanced multi-lingual search and analytics technology company, has announced that the company will participate in the upcoming American Society for Industrial Security’s Annual Seminar and Exhibits event (ASIS 2017), which will be held between 25th-28th September in Dallas, Texas.

Search For Information Across Hundreds Of Languages

With 2.5 Exabytes (2.5 Trillion GBs) of data generated online every day in numerous outlets and hundreds of languages, organizations often struggle to pinpoint the specific information relevant to their corporate security. Babel Street’s core technology, Babel X, brings organizations an unprecedented access to billions of social media postings and blogs, hundreds of millions of unique websites, thousands of diverse news sources, as well as unprecedented access to deep and dark web sites, and commercially available data sources.

The key benefit of Babel X is 360° situational awareness that informs decision-making in the rapidly changing world of corporate security. To the end, Babel X uniquely enables organizations to search quickly and persistently for critical information across hundreds of languages.

 Virtual Data Interpretation

A virtual data interpreter with network analysis capabilities, Babel X yields answers and insights in easy-to-consume formats from any computer, device, or smartphone with an Internet connection and a web browser.

“Security professionals often don’t know what they are missing when it comes to piecing together their threat intelligence landscape, so we want to make it clearer for them,” said Jeff Chapman, CEO of Babel Street. “With less than fifty percent of the internet in English, there is a lot being communicated, even with symbols and emojis, that can provide important insight or answers for organizations. Add to that, many are limiting their searches to English words found only via indexed websites or a few social platforms. We want to help these professionals understand that what they are missing is likely hiding in plain sight. They just need a platform that enables them to find answers instead searching for them.”

Recently, Babel Street was awarded the prestigious Golden Eagle award by The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) for using Babel X to assist event officials in maintaining situational awareness and security of the Super Bowl XLIX facilities. The sports industry is one of many recognizing the value of informational situational awareness for an industry’s security posture.