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Avigilon’s High-definition Surveillance Solution Covers Target Field, USA
Avigilon safeguards more than 3.3 million visitors each year with a video surveillance system at Target field that integrates with selected access control and delivers up to 65 days of video storage capacity within budget
Target Field installed Avigilon system to monitor building access and traffic, enhancing guest service

Security personnel manage the Avigilon high-definition surveillance solution in the Ballpark Operations Center and Event Command Center using the Avigilon Control Center network video management software (NVMS) with High-Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology. Target Field installed a combination of 170 fixed and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras throughout the facility, installing Avigilon HD cameras ranging from 1 MP to 16 MP at all entrances/exits, concourses, gates, back-of-house areas, parking lots, and on the exterior of the building for complete coverage.

Target Field was able to easily integrate the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system into its network infrastructure for greater redundancy and its access control system for improved security while exceeding its 45-day storage capacity requirement and staying within budget. Using the Avigilon Control Center software, the stadium has dramatically expedited its response times to handle situations appropriately. Target Field relies on the Avigilon system to monitor building access and traffic, manage employee safety and productivity, and enhance guest service.

Visitor Management And Facility Surveillance

Rated the best sports stadium in North America by ESPN the Magazine, Target Field, home to the Minnesota Twins, opened its doors in downtown Minneapolis in April 2010. At one million square feet, the outdoor stadium seats 39,500 fans and hosts 300 events each year including ball games, conferences, and weddings. To protect more than 3.3 million annual visitors and ensure efficient business operations, Target Field deployed the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system, achieving complete coverage of the facility and gaining immediate access to clear video footage of fan disturbances, medical emergencies, and customer service levels to enhance the fan experience.

Avigilon's high-definition surveillance
system was selected for its impressive
image clarity, advanced search and
playback capabilities, and intuitive
user interface

Monitored Access Control

With 2,200 employees, regular deliveries, and contractors onsite, Target Field has mandated that anyone entering the building from any point pass by a camera and swipe a badge or check in with a security guard to keep a close eye on traffic at all times. “Because there are so many different entities entering the building, we need to limit access to only authorized personnel, make sure that no dangerous materials enter the facility, and verify that health and safety standards are being met,” explained Dave Horsman, senior director of ballpark operations for the Minnesota Twins Baseball Club. “At the same time, we need to track and follow guest behavior to address issues quickly and mitigate potential legal claims if necessary.” Like all baseball stadiums, Target Field must be prepared to handle fan disturbances, accidents, customer service complaints, and other issues such as foul balls and broken bats as efficiently and effectively as possible. The Avigilon high-definition surveillance system was selected for its impressive image clarity, advanced search and playback capabilities, and intuitive user interface, which have helped Target Field dramatically improve response times, ensure employee safety compliance, and reduce the incidence of false liability claims.

Smooth Integration With Chosen Security Solution

Working within a set budget, Target Field had two key requirements for its new high-definition surveillance system. First, it had to integrate with the stadium’s chosen access control system and IT network. “Avigilon worked diligently to ensure that its system would integrate with our chosen access control solution so that we can achieve camera call ups when required – its works very well,” noted Horsman. Running off the stadium’s main switches, the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system was also easy to integrate into the network infrastructure. “We expected a lot more bumps in the road – the implementation was much smoother than we thought it would be.” The new surveillance system also had to deliver at least 45 days of video storage capacity. “Avigilon provides three times the image resolution, integrates easily with our access control system and IT infrastructure, and delivers 65 days of storage capacity while staying within budget, giving us the best possible return on investment,” said Horsman.

The stadium relies on several Avigilon analog video encoders to improve the performance of its other surveillance cameras. Target Field also installed eight Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVRs) to store up to 65 days of continuous surveillance footage, 20 days over the minimum requirement, and will have the Avigilon Control Center Mobile solution up and running for the 2012 baseball season.

“Avigilon provides three times the
image resolution, integrates easily
with our access control system and
IT infrastructure, and delivers 65
days of storage capacity"

Outstanding Image Resolution

According to Horsman, a key feature of the Avigilon solution is its outstanding image resolution. “We installed the Avigilon HD 16 MP camera at our main entry gate, which is a wide open space with more than 16 turnstiles,” said Horsman. Providing full situational awareness of all 16 turnstiles while being able to zoom into individual sections of the scene was a significant benefit of the Avigilon system. “We can get in really tight on the face of someone at one of the turnstiles for undeniable identification – it’s remarkable.” Another noteworthy feature is the system’s user interface, which allows Horsman to custom build maps to make them more intuitive for users. “Our security staff view the building based on gridlines, while event staff think of it in terms of seating sections,” added Horsman. “I can create maps that make sense for each user, making it easier to locate the camera needed. The user interface is pretty slick.”

Reduced Response Times To Incidents

Avigilon Control Center’s thumbnail, pixel, and event search capabilities are also pretty terrific, helping to dramatically facilitate our ability to find what we need quickly and correctly,” confirmed Horsman. “With our old analog-based system, we could spend three hours searching through eight hours of footage with no guarantees but with Avigilon Control Center, we can find what we need in 30 minutes—the difference is astronomical.” The security team has been able to completely refute many complaints by matching recorded time with other timelines to accurately identify individuals and event details. The most significant advantage of the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system, however, is that it has helped to reduce the stadium’s response times to incidents at events. “We are notified sooner and have access to much more and better information to help staff respond quickly and appropriately,” affirmed Horsman. “As a result, we are better equipped to ensure the safety and security of our fans.”

Enhanced Customer Service

As an added benefit, Target Field has also noticed a marked reduction in the number of employee-related incidents. “All our employees and contractors know that we now have the ability to track safety violations and that if they do something unsafe, they will hear about it,” noted Horsman. “As a result, we’ve noticed a greater adherence to health and safety requirements.” At the same time, the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system has become a critical business tool used by Target Field to enhance customer service. “With access to the Avigilon system, our box office manager can monitor line-ups and dispatch additional personnel if required, and our retail operators can identify traffic issues on the fly and reconfigure store locations to better serve customers,” explained Horsman.

Maximized Mobile Application

“We have relied on the Avigilon system to prevent a number of complaints related to fan behavior or injuries from becoming claims, which require time and dollars to defend against,” stated Horsman. “In one case, an individual claimed that he did not receive merchandise purchased, but we were able to show footage of him receiving the product and carrying it later in the day, resolving the complaint before it required legal action.”

Since its installation, Target Field has added several Avigilon HD cameras in areas that required more coverage, and will continue to expand the system as needed. “We are also planning to deploy Avigilon Control Center Mobile for use by our operations management team in time for the 2012 season,” concluded Horsman. “We are excited to see how we can maximize the mobile application to provide additional quality control and oversight in our ongoing effort to deliver the safest and most enjoyable event experience possible.”

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