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Banking & Finance - Applications

BCDVideo Completes Video Surveillance Solution For Banking And Finance
Along with the newly gained scalability, throughput performance on servers can achieve significantly higher levels
Implementing a complete video solution with high-performance servers in financial institutions is now possible

Financial institutions of all sizes demand simple, reliable solutions to protect against fraud, theft, and accidents in the workplace. Advancements in camera resolution and storage capabilities have put pressure on banks and credit unions to upgrade their video surveillance systems. Upgrading to a modern, economical NVR server will greatly increase system performance and scalability for small-budget projects with benefits seen across both loss prevention and business insights.

Reliable High Performance

However, not all banks have the same security budget as large institutions. This makes high-power, custom-built solutions seem unrealistic; however, small projects featuring bandwidth limitations need to retain the ability to scale up depending on future surveillance demands.

Before any system expansion can occur, reliable high-performance must be established. White-box solutions compromise quality and underperform when exposed to the tough requirements of the financial security market. Fortunately, custom-built, video-optimized solutions are not exclusive to large multinational financial institutions.

Network Architecture

When upgrading an ineffective digital security system, a new network architecture needs to be created. Usually, this means switching from DVR to NVR servers. As a result, network switches attach to the camera allowing for easier future system expansion. Along with the newly gained scalability, throughput performance on servers can achieve significantly higher levels.

Implementing a complete video solution with high-performance servers, modern networking protocols and powerful workstations in financial institutions is now possible, even for small projects. BCDVideo offers servers, networking and workstations that provide enterprise-quality performance for all financial projects, regardless of size.

BCDVideo Aurora Servers

BCDVideo Aurora Servers – Benchmark Magazine 2016 Infrastructure Award Winner
The Aurora Server Series earns its name by marking the dawn of a new era in DVR replacement

The Benchmark Magazine 2016 Infrastructure award winner Aurora Server Series earns its name by marking the dawn of a new era in DVR replacement. Small-budget projects that have previously succumbed to the pressure of sacrificing quality for short-term savings now have access to servers with redundant power, 12Gbps RAID controller with 2GB of Flash Based Write Cache, hot-pluggable helium hard drive, and 10,000 PassMark rated CPUs. These big project features fit price-conscious budgets while maintaining the high-performance found in enterprise surveillance.

BCDVideo Titan Networking

The Titan Networking Series is priced well below standard to ensure project size and scope does not prevent an integrator from deploying a complete networking solution. Without the added cost of a networking engineer, savings reach into the thousands. Additionally, by using cutting-edge technology like Shortest Path Bridging, Titan switches, backed by a five-year, on-site warranty, will run at a high-level for years.

BCDVideo Gamma Workstations

The Gamma Series workstations fill the void in commercial and enterprise environments. Ideal for access control and IP video surveillance, they are powerful enough to render high-quality megapixel images for applications running 24/7. Optimized for advanced graphics and video capabilities, smaller projects can use the Gamma Series as both a video recorder and viewer.

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